GOAT: A world of sneakerheads

Let’s accept the fact that Gen Z is quite obsessed with all the activities online in a virtual world than in real life. They are obsessed with fashion, but they are in no way interested in conventional shopping anymore. But the personal style and taste have to be physical and there is no other go! Lesser price, best brands, and easy shopping – you can now easily guess why online marketplaces are bound to serve their interests more than anything.

For a sneaker-obsessed generation of teens and youngsters, GOAT is the answer to all their style concerns. The sneakerheads are everywhere and started in 2015, GOAT intends to make life easier for them. GOAT is turning out to be one of the most preferable options for youngsters to buy their favourite shoes. It is not just buying, and rather it’s all about buying and selling fresh or used items. It easy to find your favourite shoes and there are options to leave a bid if the price is too big for your wallet. The right seller will find you soon.

The business in athletic footwear stood at a shocking $17.5 billion in 2016, and re-sales made up to $1 billion in the market. This is where GOAT comes into play. There are users who buy in goods worth more than $300,000 a year through GOAT. Through regulated selling, the online marketplace is saving the users from fakes, fraud and major theft. Once a seller tries to upload a photo, GOAT tries to authenticate if they are real before it’s out for sale.

As it is not just a platform for buying, this platform has turned out to a favourite for plenty of users who change their shoes fast. With more than 6 million users, there is a wide array of options for the users to choose from. Teens are using the resale platform to sell their pairs and it’s a healthy process because the circulation is huge and fast-churning. GOAT focuses on just sneakers and for this reason, the quality and quantity of products available at their platform is spell-binding. Well, if you are sneaker-head, this is your home to healthily change your pair of sneakers whenever you like, without being labeled a spendthrift.

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