ThredUp: The game-changer in online shopping

It’s certain that within five years of time, the second-hand market of clothes is bound to double up. The current market value stands tall at $21 billion and it is estimated to take off to $50 billion at least within 2024. This is where ThredUp enters the scene. Using a hassle-free method of buying and selling goods online, they have raised the standards of a common second-hand marketplace.

In ThredUp, there are enough materials available for people from all walks of life. The popularity of buying second-hand clothes is surging and the fashion resale website encourages the consumers to live in a collective sharing economy. It is quite possible that the items sold could be of really bad quality and that’s the scam that hits the mind for most of us when we consider using such a platform for buying clothes. But here, ThredUp has a unique and assuring system of working. There is a ‘clean-out’ bag that’s sent to the sellers, which is later returned to ThredUp. They get to decide what can be sold and what will be donated from the list of items. The seller is later paid for the consignment. If you think of it, it is really great.

Recycling and reselling of textiles and clothes is a beneficial activity to the world that we are living in. Waste from old clothes share a good percentage in the total solid waste accumulated each year. People are either too busy to think about recycling or there aren’t enough options to do so. This is where online marketplaces like ThredUp make an impact. They are actively contributing to the cause by effectively co-ordinating such activities, and also they are doing good business out of it. Selling second-hand clothes is a method to make money, so who’d want to say no to it?

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