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The 8 Most Popular Mobile Apps in 2020

Apps are all the rage these days! They help you communicate with your friends, listen to music and movies, get rides, book airfare, shop for products, and so much more.

Because of all the capabilities that mobile apps have these days, there’s a lot of debate as to which ones are the most popular apps of all.

Thankfully, the list below can help sort things out. These apps are broken down by category in order to help you find the ones you’re missing out on. Be sure to download all the popular apps on this list that you don’t currently have!

Popular Social Media Apps

If you’re looking for apps to download, then why not start with the ones that help you keep in touch with your friends and family? See below for a list of popular social media apps.


This phone app has been going strong since 2010, but ever since Facebook bought it in 2012, it’s stepped up its game!

It helps you connect and “wow” your connections with posts, stories, and hashtags, letting the pictures and videos do most of the talking.



Facebook Messenger

Do you mostly use your Facebook page as a way of messaging the friends that you have on your Facebook account? Yeah… so does everyone else. That’s why Facebook turned its messaging feature into a full-blown app back in 2014.

It’s now become one of the most downloaded, and most used, mobile apps in the entire world. It runs very similarly to other messaging apps such as Slack and WhatsApp. It offers direct messaging, group messaging, the use of gifs, photo sharing, and much more.




Are you guilty of falling for the trendy apps such as Vine and Snapchat in the past? If so, then you’ll want to download TikTok, which is rapidly gaining popularity.

It allows you to create short videos that have music playing in the background. Many people choose to dance or lip-sync to the music that they choose. It’s a fun app that allows you to produce hilarious content with your friends and family members.


Popular Streaming Apps

Streaming apps are fantastic for things such as watching videos on the plane, sharing videos with your friends, and binge-watching your favorite shows. See below for the most popular streaming apps currently on the market.


Being the grandfather of online streaming as you know it today, it shouldn’t be any surprise that Netflix makes the list of most popular apps.

This app gives you access to its entire archive of shows and movies, allowing you to watch them from virtually anywhere. You can also download videos to watch later for instances such as airplane travel, where you won’t have access to WiFi.



Disney Plus

In only the first month that Disney Plus was made available, it was downloaded over 22 million times. Customers have waited ever since its announcement to get their hands on all the different shows and movies in the Disney Vault.

This streaming app operates very similarly to Netflix, a streaming app with which they were once heavily involved. It allows you to watch different movies and videos with the simple push of a button.

With more and more Disney properties becoming available over time, this mobile app will remain popular for a long time to come.




Depending on who you ask, YouTube might not technically be labeled as a “streaming app”. However, its consistent popularity and usage would argue that it might as well be.

This amazing app gives you access to millions of different YouTube channels, all of which have different videos for you to watch.

Anything from sports highlights, news videos, podcast videos, and so much more can be found on YouTube, sending you down the rabbit hole of video content.


Most Popular Apps Games

Of course, no popular apps list would be complete without taking a look at the most popular games. See below for the mobile games you need to download right away.

Golf Clash

Maybe you’re super into golf, maybe you’re not. No matter your passion level for golf, Golf Clash will make it enjoyable nonetheless!

It has a plethora of different levels, all of which have several different courses to play on.

You can choose to play your friends or play against another user of the game who’s equal to your level. It’s a colorful game that’s highly addictive. You’ve been warned!



Mario Kart Tour

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the infamous Mario Kart franchise is now available on your mobile device as well!

As you would expect, it allows you to pick your favorite character and race against others with several colorful and difficult race tracks. It offers a competitive game with just enough friendly violence (such as throwing turtle shells at your friend who’s in the lead).

The name alone has turned this gaming app into one of the most downloaded apps of 2020. Knowing Nintendo, they’ll only look to add to the game in the near future, so start improving your skills right away!


Download These Popular Apps Today!

Now that you’ve seen several popular apps that people are downloading like wildfire, it’s time to join in on the phone!

Be sure to try out all of these different apps, which will allow you to communicate and have fun with your friends in many unique ways. If nothing else, they serve as a tremendous way to pass the time!

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