Popular Apps for Dating

The Most Popular Apps for Dating


Not so long ago, people had to  march across plains, valleys and mountains just to find love. Today, technology has shrank the world into a global community where people can meet and fall in love at the push of a button.

Dating apps have attracted thousands of users over the past few years and helped a countless number of people to find their better halves regardless of distance barriers. Unfortunately, choosing the best dating apps in 2020 can be a nightmare because there are too many of them doing rounds on the internet.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you discover the best dating apps in 2020. With these apps, you could be riding into sunset with the love of your life a month from now.

#1 Tinder

According to statistics, Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in 2020. Many people can testify that relationships built on Tinder lead somewhere (or at least they stand a bigger chance of survival while others may even lead to marriage). Sometimes back, Tinder required its users to have a Facebook account, but that rule is no longer in effect.

The setup is pretty easy; you only need to have a credible bio, profile, name, age, and some profile pictures. From here, Tinder will narrow down the search results to help you find people who share the same age and location. It also allows you to link your Instagram account. Navigation through the app is simple. It enables users to tap a person's profile to open and view it. And if you like them much, there's a "super like" feature to show the person you're interested in knowing them.


#2 Hinge

When it comes to finding the right partner, every little detail bears a great potential to make or break your odds. Hinge is a detail-oriented dating app that allows users to share personal information, including their religion, political standing, alcohol consumption information, and much more. Its detailed algorithms match profiles and shared interests to help you discover your perfect match.

As long as Hinge deems you worthy of the other person, you will be able to inbox them and find out more. There's only one downside that people often overlook; Hinge will ask a stream of simple personal questions, which might be a turnoff. However, you're supposed to answer accurately to keep ill-intentioned stalkers and inappropriate messages from hitting your inbox. If you're looking for a serious relationship, Hinge is one of the best dating apps to try out.


#3 Match

Match is one of the most popular free dating apps in 2020. It existed long before apps like Tinder. It has a simple setup that only asks for your information and answers to simple queries about your tastes and preferences.

This dating app also asks you to include a few photos without consulting your Facebook account. Its algorithms are designed to give users a personalized experience by matching you with a person who shares the same interests. Match also has the courtesy of recommending the perfect match.

The only problem is with the controls. It may take a while before you get used to the apps navigation and user interface. Match has two versions for its users; the free version and the premium version. It's best to get the premium version for extra features like the ability to see recent profile views.


#4 OkCupid

OkCupid looks deeper into the user profiles than many other dating sites. The app will prompt you to answer a series of questions which will be used to generate a perfect match. Its developers recently made updates to make it a little bit similar to Tinder. For instance, they abolished the user's ability to send a random message. This means that even if you send the message to the other person, it won't be shown at first.

OkCupid must first match you to your prospects, and only then will your message appear on the other person's inbox. This change intends to reduce the risk of getting inappropriate messages from people who have nothing in common with you. This way, you'll get serious people - or at least honest people looking to make something work with you. OkCupid is a home and meeting place for those looking for long term relationships.


#5 Clover

Clover is known for its unique ability to allow users to simply "order" a date. Its algorithm is a bit strange (nothing like the other apps), though it works on the concept of profile matching to find the most compatible partner. Some users consider Clover as a mixture of all the other dating apps; a hybrid app for users aged between 18 and 30.


#6 The League

The League is a bit more "professional" than the other apps because it requires an application - instead of the usual registration process. Details such as your occupation, job title, and LinkedIn profile play a key role in verifying your identity. Most people using The League live in big cities, and The League team takes time to review every application. This means that you might have to wait for some time before yours goes through.

However, if you're in a hurry to meet the love of your life on The League, it offers a payment option to hasten the process.

The League grants only three outcomes with the review process; you either get accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. Another setback with The League app is that you'll probably meet the same people you met on other dating apps. Bummer, right? Fortunately, other features work fine; the search function is exceptional, and you can find people by their profession. The app has two options; a free and paid subscription though most people prefer the paid subscription because it returns suitable matches.

The League app also encourages communication to determine how frequently they'll be sending prospects to your profile. Just make sure that once you have a person's details, you'll contact them and reply to their messages.


#7 Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is an app that promotes interaction by sending you the perfect matches every day. To top that up, they send you valuable icebreakers to start the conversation if you're nervous. Coffee Meets Bagel includes more profile information than popular apps like Tinder.

Its filters offer several preference options to help you choose the right people, based on the smallest details, such as religion and culture. The app also provides an extensive profile that allows you to upload 9 of your best photos. Communication is simple, too, since your "bagels" (prospects) will receive your custom icebreaker text for a quick connection. Coffee Meets Bagels encourages people to exchange their phone numbers and meet quickly by keeping its chat room period short (expires after one week).

The user interface is immaculate, allowing you to put visible selfies. It also suggests a wide range of prospects, regardless of whether they are the best match or not. Sometimes the app may send you a few bagels or take a long time to send you any bagel. So, if you're looking to take things easy for a while, Coffee Meets Bagels is the place to be.


#8 Happn

Sometimes, the love of your love is just less than a mile away, but you haven't met them yet. Happn's makers designed it to point you to potential matches near you. You may have met these people during your daily errands. As soon as you complete the setup process, Happn will bring your attention to people you may have run into that match your preferences.

Who knows? Maybe you'll meet your crush on Happn. Starting a romantic relationship with somebody you already know in one way or the other is often easier than with a stranger. If he/she lives in the neighborhood, this might be your lucky day. The thing with Happn is that it helps people meet their prospects without too much hustle. For example, if you like somebody and don't know what might happen if they find out, Happn lets them know you like them secretly, and they won't find out unless they want you too.

But if you like somebody, telling him/her through the "Charm" button is a good idea. You can add details, such as your age, occupation, interests, hobbies, and photos. It's effortless to create your profile. Just prepare to make a few payments to use the Charm button. You can also use your Facebook profile to set up your account, add photos, and set your music preferences through Spotify. The app's GPS feature tracks your movement.

It will also show you your prospect's profile whenever you're close to each other. But in case you find out that someone is following your every move without your knowledge (stalking), Happn allows you to block them.


#9 Bumble

Bumble is an app specially designed for women in love. If you text a guy, but he doesn't reply within one day, he's kicked out of your suitable match list. That sounds great if you're not patient with replies. But what if he didn't see your message in time and would really like to talk to you later?

He can extend the match for another day. You can also continue the conversation for another day if you didn't have enough time to talk. Bumble also limits the dormancy period to encourage users to communicate as fast as they get in touch. So, if you're fond of keeping people on the waiting list, Bumble will humble you by giving your perfect match a chance with someone else.

The app's controls are somehow similar to Tinder's, allowing you to scroll through another person's photos and profile to gauge compatibility. Users are required to respect each other, and nobody is allowed to send nudes as the app's mission is to create a mature environment.


#10 Find Love in 2020!

Many people often go with the traditional approach to meet strangers, but that should only be after doing a little background check on the other person before setting up a date. The internet is flooded with "dating apps" that promise to find you a partner, but in the real sense, they don't. You just need the best dating app to get started.

Don't let the COVID-19 mood dampen your love life chances. Get online and find a date at the comfort of your home!

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