Bumble (9/10)

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Bumble is an app specially designed for women in love. If you text a guy, but he doesn’t reply within one day, he’s kicked out of your suitable match list. That sounds great if you’re not patient with replies. But what if he didn’t see your message in time and would really like to talk to you later?

He can extend the match for another day. You can also continue the conversation for another day if you didn’t have enough time to talk. Bumble also limits the dormancy period to encourage users to communicate as fast as they get in touch. So, if you’re fond of keeping people on the waiting list, Bumble will humble you by giving your perfect match a chance with someone else.

The app’s controls are somehow similar to Tinder’s, allowing you to scroll through another person’s photos and profile to gauge compatibility. Users are required to respect each other, and nobody is allowed to send nudes as the app’s mission is to create a mature environment.


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