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Charlie is an interesting budget app because it’s text-based. After you sync all your accounts and start tracking, Charlie chimes in with commentary on your spending. It’ll send you texts, suggesting that this bill is too high or this bank account is running low.

As Charlie chimes in, he’ll also offer helpful advice. We’ve seen it Charlie text someone and say, “Your Verizon bill is $129/month. That’s quite high.” Perhaps you didn’t know that was high. Perhaps it never crossed your mind to price shop and switch plans at the end of your contract.

This is where Charlie becomes your new best friend. Often, we get into trouble in our spending habits because we just don’t stop to consider if one bill is too high, another bill is quite reasonable, and another bill needs to go out the window altogether. Once Charlie helps you trim the fat, you can then go on to devote a certain amount to savings or investment plans.


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