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For many of us, the COVID crisis showed us just how financially depleted we are. When the cost of basic goods and services inches up and the work runs out, what kind of finances are we left to stand upon? For many, the answer is, “Not much.”

So, how do reach the seemingly-unattainable goal of major savings? Truthfully, it starts with a hunt for the best money budget app. If you’re not ending up in the red at the end of every month, but simply want to know where all your money goes, then Empower may be a great alternative for you.

From what we can see, it’s the best app for savings. One of its primary focuses is to see where you can set aside a little extra. In the beginning, you’ll set your savings target. Then, as you go through each month, it’ll tell you where you can pump the brakes on your spending and, ultimately, transfer that excess into your savings budget.

It’s kind of like a virtual accountant with glasses hanging low on his nose as he peers over the rims and says, “Now, now. You need to stop eating out every Friday night and lay off those designer coffee beans.” The course correction that Empower creates is enough to help people squirrel away a rainy day fund that, today, seems more important than ever.


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