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It’s no surprise that the social media head honcho created one of the best online dating apps. Even though it’s relatively new, many users have found success with Facebook Dating.

Signing up is easy. The Facebook app offers an area for the dating portion; navigate to the menu (the icon with the three lines at the bottom right side of the app) and scroll down until you see the “Dating” icon.

From here, you will make a dating profile that’s separate from your Facebook profile. You can also add your Facebook and Instagram stories as well as Instagram posts to your profile.

Facebook Dating caters their service to those looking for a serious relationship, not a hookup. If you’ve had Facebook for years, the app likely knows a lot about you. They match users based on interests, preferences, and activities, offering some of the most accurate matches.

Will Facebook suggest matches on those you’re already friends with? No, but you can opt for the Secret Crush service. With this service, you select nine people you follow on Facebook and/or Instagram. If they also have a crush on you, the app will match you two up!

You communicate with your date on the Messenger app. Facebook is also rolling out virtual date features so you can still date while social distancing.


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