WeChat (3/9)

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As you might imagine, the messaging apps that are authorized for Chinese users are limited. If you’ve got Chinese friends or family, installing WeChat is essential.

This app boasts many of the features that you’d find on western apps. For instance, you can send messages, record voice notes, make video calls, and hold conference calls. Users can make calls to and from China without any issue.

However, you should also know that WeChat is monitored by the Chinese authorities. Mentioning politically-sensitive events, like the Tiananmen Square massacre, can result in a temporary ban. To get back in, you will need to record a video of your face and read numbers in Mandarin Chinese.

This level of surveillance may put some users off but using WeChat is almost essential for daily life in China, so almost everyone has it installed. When using WeChat, be careful about the comments that you make and you’ll be fine.


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