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The first app we’re going to recommend is totally manual. The app does not do all the work for you. And, for beginners, we found this to be highly beneficial.

Many of us don’t even know where we spend all our money. At the end of every month, we wonder, “Where did it all go?” So, the reason we recommend You Need a Budget (YNAB) is because there’s an option to manually add your transactions.

This makes you accountable for every dollar. Finding the best budget tracking app is only the first step. The second step is seeing where all your money goes. Once you log in, your task will be very straightforward: give every dollar a job.

If there’s $1,250 in your bank account, then you will be asked to allocate all of it, down to the dollar. This makes you accountable to only spend, say, $300 at the grocery store, $75 on meals out, and $120 on gas. It’s a great starting point and one that truly makes you the master of your own budget.

There’s one small catch to You Need a Budget. It isn’t free. It’s free for the first 34 days, but then you have to pay $11.99 per month or $84 per year. We know. Why would you pay money when you’re trying to save money?

Well, because the reviews say it works. And, if it works, then that means you’re finally going to be building up a savings account. Using 84 of those dollars to “get right” with your finances is, in our opinion, a worthwhile investment.


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