Top iPhone Apps for Business Travelers

1. Skype

You can use this app to make free Skype-to-Skype calls, or chat by instant message, making it an indispensable app for anyone traveling internationally. After this summer, Skype will start charging a low fee for any calls made over 3G, but wi-fi calls will still be completely free.

2. Bump

No more scrambling to find business cards or forgetting to input someone’s information while you’re on the road: the Bump app lets you import and share contact information with other iPhone users just by holding your phones close to each other.

3. Yelp

Now you don’t have to plan ahead: Yelp’s app is a great way to find user-reviewed restaurants, bars, and stores on the fly when you’re in a new town.


Who needs a travel agent? Take out your iPhone on the way to the airport and book the cheapest flight and a nice hotel room. This app taps into Kayak’s aggregate search engine to find the best prices from various travel sites. Use it to make immediate bookings or a direct call to the airline or hotel.

5. XE Currency

Convert can convert almost anything, from dollars to pounds (with up-to-the-second rates), yards to kilometers, joules to calories, and even pixels to picas. The app looks great too. Half of the screen is taken up by a basic calculator. The other half features categories and units arranged on appealing iPhone-variety wheels.


6. TripIt

The best ideas are usually the simple ones, and they don’t come much simpler than TripIt: automatically convert your travel booking confirmation emails into an itinerary (synced with your calendar) that stays with you wherever you are. All hotel and flight information are kept in one place, simply by forwarding your confirmations to [email protected] – with minimal manual input required as the system is largely automatic. If you add hotel address details to the itinerary manually, TripIt will then link to a map of the area.


7. HopStop

HopStop is a lifesaver for anyone taking public transportation in an unfamiliar city. Simply input your starting and ending locations, and the app figures out the fastest route, clearly explaining all transfers and walking directions.


8. Citymapper

There are many apps that offer maps, directions and public transport, but CityMapper offers them all in one place. Enter a starting point (or let the app use your location at the time) and a destination and it does the rest. Suggested journey options are shown with estimated time and cost, including taxi, train, tube, bus, cycle and the quickest of all – catapult (really – one minute from Kings Cross to the Science Museum is fast).


9. FlightTrack Pro

FlightTrack Pro provides all the information you need to catch the flight home. The app shows weather maps and full flight listings, and it stores multiple automatically-updating travel itineraries. The key feature is push notification of any alerts relating to your flight, including delays and weather warnings


10. Expensify

Expense reports are a headache for anyone traveling for business. Fortunately, now there’s an app that “does expense reports that don’t suck!” Expensify organizes your travel expenses as you go, then packages them up in one handy, IRS-friendly report for you to submit to your employers.


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