Top iPhone Apps for Casino Gamers

1. Slot Machine

For many, the Slot Machine is the classic and this app doesn’t disappoint. It features the “Vegas” experience with spinning action, bells and alarms, and even the coin drop. You can bet 1,2, or 3 coins. Worldwide this application has been voted in the top 10 for free casino games. When you leave the game, it will remember your credits and carries it back into the game when you return unless you reset it. Once you start playing you may have a hard time stopping.


2. Virtual Horse Racing 3D Lite

Maybe the track is your thing. Horse Racing today is a worldwide event with many taking their chances on horses with names that make it hard to choose. In this app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod or iTouch you can hear and feel the action. Bets can be placed for Win, Show and Place. You get to preview the horses and jockeys before the race. The graphics and sound are amazing.


3. GSN Casino

Better brush up on your victory dance, cause it’s about to go public. Download the GSN Casino app and enjoy hitting the jackpot wherever, whenever.

• Wheel of Fortune® Slots: Watch the reels spin and match the iconic Wheel, Wedges, Wild Cards, Prize Envelopes and more. Grab a good seat – you’re going to spend a lot of time on the edge of it.

• High Stakes Blackjack: Place your bets and play one to three hands against the dealer. Did you know Napoleon loved blackjack? It’s true. And he’s missing out big time right now.

• Deuces Wild: Strategy is key in this video poker favorite – but a little luck goes a long way too.

• Pirate’s Fortune Slots: Plunder like a pirate, minus the scurvy. Hit the high seas and score a treasure trove of Tokens when you match swords, spyglasses and more!


4. World Series of Poker

Poker has become as serious game today, as pots to be won have gone into the millions. This game has received top honors according to Apple. It is the #1 top paid game for card, casino, and apps for the full version. The free game includes high stakes tournaments, multiplayer leaderboards to see how you compare to the competition, peer to peer via Bluetooth and more. iTune customers rate it as, “One of the best games ever. The app is awesome!”


5. Craps Lite

With the roll of the dice your fate can be decided in a game of luck and chance. This app is easy to use and offers that true casino experience. You can work on your strategies on the game before trying it out in real life or just play for fun. There are over 100 stick calls and you will hear the dealer say them as if you are live in the action. There is a “ask the dealer” button to show you all the payouts for each bet and the amount you have to wager in. You can save the game if you have to stop and resume it when ready.


6. Blackjack 21

Blackjack 21 combines the words most popular card game with actual game play gestures, true-to-life animation and high resolution graphics.


7. Slingo Supreme

Slingo is the addictive and fun combination of SLOTS and BINGO! With Slingo Supreme, we really wanted to pull out all the stops and make the ultimate Slingo game that would be a flagship product for all the Slingo fans. Slingo Supreme is the game that we’ve always wanted to play on our iPhones, it is the most polished, full-featured Slingo game ever.The heart of this fun new Slingo game is the innovative Supreme mode. In Supreme, as you play, you will unlock powerups. These powerups will then let you build your own custom Slingo game! Unlock more powerups, and build even more types of Slingo games. Each combination makes a totally new play experience. And get this, with 12 types of powerups, you can combine them each in different ways to create over 16,000 ways to play!!! Can you create your own favorite game to give you that top score?


8. Quick Hit Slots – Vegas Casino

Winning is quicker than ever, with Vegas just a tap away! Quick Hit brings all the classic lucky slots of Las Vegas, including the biggest Quick Hit casino hits, directly to you.


9. Storage Auction

Enter virtual storage unit auctions. Look inside when the door is raised and decide how high you will bid. Touch items and containers in your purchased rooms to empty them and hopefully find treasure instead of junk. • No in-app purchases • No ads • Photo Realistic Graphics • Retina Display Support • Random room generation • 3 Difficulty Settings The reviews are in Storage Auction is a hit. ***** “This is a fun little game and a lot like the TV show without all the stupid arguing.” ***** “This game is really fun.


10. Slotomania™ Vegas Casino Slots

It’s time for your finger to have fun with Slotomania, the free slots casino game!

Say ‘goodbye’ to boring buttons and ‘hello’ to the exciting button of Slotomania casino slots! Join John Goodman, as never seen before, as he plays the most FUN-tastic free slots game in the world! Where jackpots, casino games, new slot machines, bonus games, thrilling surprises and new friends for life are only a tap away.


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