Top iPhone Apps for Consultants


Your perfect home is out there. Find it first with the most accurate app for searching homes for sale and rent — now with ability to find homes based on school and district assignment boundaries!


2. YouMail Visual Voicemail

Join millions of other users in using YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus to customize greetings for your callers, block unwanted callers from leaving a voicemail, and more! YouMail is way more powerful and more fun than your iPhone visual voicemail – and free! Due to carrier restrictions, YouMail is only officially supported on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint and is not available to users on prepaid plans.


3. OsmAnd Maps Travel & Navigate

As a consultant, you may have to travel to areas that you have never planned to in the past. Thanks to OsmAnd Maps Travel & Navigate apps, you’ll never be lost while doing it.


4. QuickVoice2Text Email

At $2.99, this useful app is a bargain, especially in states with hands-free cell phone laws. With clear voice recording you can easily send audio messages or save “notes to self”, but the talk2text feature is what really wows. According to users, it delivers word-for-word accuracy, something that other apps promise but ultimately fail to deliver, so you can be sure that the message your record translates perfectly into the text that clients receive via email.


5. iThoughts

A mind-mapping application for iPhone that helps your divide and conquer the most complicated challenges ahead of you. A great tool to organize your thoughts with.


6. CamCard -Business Card Scanner

It’s a manual transcription business card scanner that lets you store and manage your new contacts on your iPhone without having to worry about errors. It’s not a free service, but it’s pretty cheap for what it does.


7. WriteRoom

For Writers. WriteRoom is the original distraction-free writing environment. WriteRoom attempts nothing more than to create a quiet place for you to write.


8. Dropbox – Backup, Sync, Share

This well-loved freebie is essential for anyone working in multiple locations. All you have to do is install the software on your computer and your iPhone to start uploading files (docs, pics, videos, etc.) that you want access to wherever you are. Coordination with SG Project Pro means you can add applicable files to your saved projects and easily share them with clients.


9. SG Project Pro 5

Gantt aficionados will find themselves at home in this app and although there is a slew of tools at your disposal, the user-friendly nature of the program will have you creating and editing timelines, prioritizing task schedules, setting risk levels, and communicating with multiple groups in no time. The app also links up to Dropbox for easy access to and sharing of project files. This is a must-have for any serious consultant.


10. TDF Tracker

TDF Tracker: a powerful iPhone app for freelancers that can keep track of your time, expenses, and mileage. Makes it easy to enter information and keep track of these important aspects of your business.


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