Top iPhone Apps for Hip Urban Lifestyle

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1. Shazam

There’s nothing worse than when you’re at a party, you meet the perfect hottie and this awesome song is playing, except you have no idea what it is. How the heck are you going to impress her later by playing the song you heard when you met if you don’t know what it was? Don’t worry, just pull it out (it meaning your iPhone) and let Shazam do the rest. Shazam, a completely free app, helps you identify that tune and track down where to purchase it. FREE


2. Urbanspoon

It can be hard to find a restaurant in a new territory that suits your tastes and needs, especially when you’re in a large group and no one can decide. The Urbanspoon iPhone app is up for the challenge and helps you find something you need on the fly. A quick shake and Urbanspoon gives you options based on your GPS location and popularity. FREE Source


3. Mix – Rediscover the Internet

Mix – Rediscover the Internet is one of my favorite app to explore one’s interests. Discover things on your own and keep it personal by selecting your favorites.


4. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

With a range of seasonal recipes, an instant shopping list function and customised searches, Epicurious is an absolute must for all masters of the kitchen and budding amateur chefs alike. This one app will see you right every time.


5. Daytrotter

The Horseshack Galleries in Rock Island, Illinois sees visits from a few of the country’s most promising indie bands. The bands visit, record a couple of tunes, and return to the street enroute to fame. Now, the whole assortment of tracks can be obtained free of charge in your iPhone or ipod device touch with this particular application. With exclusive performances by Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, Spoon, and much more, how could this ‘t be among the best iPhone apps for hipsters?


6. Make Me : Cat Face

Probably the best app ever. Make Me : Cat Face combines everything you love and hope for into a super cool app. You love cats? Cool. I get that bro. What about fire and diamonds and doughnuts and bling (err, do ya’ll still call it bling?!)… look no further.


7. Punch ‘Em! – Fight people through your camera!

Vent your rage by punching everyone around you through camera. Features exploding BAM-POW-OOF bubbles and a worldwide punch scoreboard. Original artwork, homemade sound effects, and elegant simplicity make this game both fun and addictive.


8. Turntable – Limited Edition

Coding Soundtrack and Indie While You Work have become staple background soundtracks for many a remote digital worker. In between coding, you can take your turn DJ’ing.


9. Momento

Got something on your chest that you need to get down and chronicle? Then we recommend this app for quickly logging your thoughts, memories, reminders and notes. With Memento in your pocket you can write a diary on the go, capturing moments throughout the day in short spaces of time and tagging events, people and places for a fast and e ective way of recollecting your movements. It also allows you to import and archive your online activity and display it as part of your diary, so even if you’re not interested in keeping a diary it can still help you record and look back on your day-to-day life. It is a very e fficient app that is rich in useful features, all packed into a stylish interface.


10. Google Play Music

Google Play Music lets you listen to some of the hottest indie artists in the world right now. Google Play Music scan your iTunes library and recommend new music you should listen to. Save your favorite artists and buy their music direct from iTunes


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