Top iPhone Apps for Home & Garden Pros

1. iHandy Carpenter

Five carpenter’s tools in a single application mean less sifting through an old toolbox to hang a picture. A digital plumb bob tells you if your walls are straight, while a bubble level helps keep things straight. Coolest feature: a digital ruler that measures items larger than your iPhone by using the mobile’s touch screen. Use the digital protractor when designing D.I.Y. pieces; when you’re done, pull out the surface level to make sure the desk you just built is on the straight and narrow. (For iPhone; $1.99)


2. Locavore

Why it’s cool: Eating local is smart for you and the environment. This app shows you the availability of 234 fruits and vegetables at any time of year and where to find them. Features include: detecting what U.S. state you’re in, local food in season now and what’s available soon, farmer’s markets near you, links to Wikipedia and Epicurious (with recipes) and app updates on Twitter. Updates were cosmetic fix and bug that caused crashes (eek) for some California locations.


3. The English Garden Magazine

Unlike many other gardening magazine apps, A Garden Life is completely free, with all the features you need to plant a beautiful and evergreen garden. Articles are written by professional gardeners, with tips on everything from planting, sowing and harvesting, to plant types, pests and worst case scenarios. This magazine app is essential reading for amateur and professional gardeners alike.


4. Free Garden Design

An app that shows you the best galleries of beautiful Garden Design & Garden decorations for you. If you don’t have an idea about your Garden Design, this application can guide you easily and give you amazing ideas for your Garden decoration. This application contains the various types of garden design, outdoor furnitures & decorating such as: small, contemporary, modern, luxury etc… You can get a hundred ideas of Garden Design, landscaping and decoration from this application with just downloading for free.


5. Leaf Doctor

The Leaf Doctor performs quantitative assessments for plant diseases on plant organs such as leaves. Users collect or submit photographs of diseased plant organs and calculate the percentage of diseased tissue. Through a user’s touching of the device screen, the algorithm employs user-specified values for up to eight colors of healthy tissues in the photograph. The color of each pixel is then evaluated for its distance from the healthy colors and assigned a status of either healthy or diseased. Users may slide a threshold bar until satisfied that diseased tissues are represented accurately before the percentage calculation. The assessment data and photographs may be sent by e-mail to any recipients. Instructions for using the app are provided on the About screen. The Leaf Doctor was produced by the University of Hawaii at Manoa, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources.


6. Paint Fix by Gobis Paints

There are any number of reasons why an old paint job may begin to crack, fade or chalk. Paint Fix by Gobis Paints can help you identify the cause of the problem before you go grabbing for the dropcloths. Scroll through dozens of photos of common paint problems to pinpoint the issue in your house, and then read up on solutions to guide your next steps.


7. Sand Garden

Create your own Zen gardens with Sand Garden. The unique design of the app creates a realistic feel when shaping the sand!


8. Garden Tracker

If you’ve ever spent hours meticulously planning and plotting out your garden, then this app is the answer to all your needs. At $1.99, Garden Tracker is packed full of useful features. The app is easily synced to your Dropbox account, which means you can work on your garden design from any supported devices. You can also keep a track of optimum harvest, feeding and planting times, as well as sourcing the greenest plants and vegetables for your garden from a handy referencing feature.


9. Veggie Garden Planner

This free app uses GPS to determine your frost dates, in order to give you the best planting dates. The brain child of Organic Gardening magazine and Safer©, Organic Gardening Planting Planner provides a wealth of resources for everything from choosing seeds to how to plant and maintain your garden crops.


10. Garden Time Planner

One of the simplest gardening apps available from the iTunes store, Garden Time Planner has some very smart features. The app creates automatic to-do lists based on region, sowing and harvest times, which are especially useful for those who are new to gardening. There is also a full database of plants and herbs that acts as a useful reference for what to plant and when.


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