Top iPhone Apps for Machinist

1. PCalc Lite

PCalc Lite is a fully functional and free taste of our very popular scientific calculator. It includes an optional RPN mode, multiple undo and redo, unit conversions and constants, as well as two stylish themes and our highly praised design. A great choice for your new iPad! If you like what you see, the full version has many more settings and themes, a paper tape, engineering and scientific notation, and full support for hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations. You can also now purchase extra features directly from inside PCalc Lite. Buy them individually, or buy everything.


2. Flange Bolt Size & Torque

Ever have difficulty determining what size wrench you need for that nut? Not sure if it is measured using the metric system or SAE? Wonder what the name of the type of head is on your bolts? We’ve got you covered! ‘Flange Bolt Size & Torque’ is the must have tool for the mechanic, machinist, handyman or the average Joe with a wrench! Designed to allow a user to quickly determine the wrench size needed for a bolt or nut by using an onscreen full scale image of a nut.


3. iMachinist

For a free app, this app delivers some of the great features that most paid iPhone machinist apps offer. It provides you with popular machining formulas used by cnc programmers including basic conversions and shop math. The app also contains basic machinist calculations for milling such as RPM, SFM, IPM, high feed, ID helical interpolation, OD helical interpolation and more.


4. Sandvik Coromant Machining Calculator

The Machining Calculator from Sandvik Coromant is designed to help engineers and machinists optimize the performance of their turning, milling and drilling applications by calculating optimal cut settings based on job parameters.


5. Easy CNC

Easy-to-use SINUMERIK CNC is now easier to learn. This iPad / iPhone app contains all the current SINUMERIK training manuals and will ensure you always have the latest updates. No more heavy books to carry, giving you access to over 4000 pages of vital CNC training lessons and content in the world’s most portable format. In addition, a handy G-Code Compatibility tool lets you quickly find compatible codes for Siemens and ISO G-Codes. The glossary feature is your reference guide to CNC terminology. Web links to CNC social media feeds open doors to our online user community.


6. Machinist Calculator

A Machinist Reference App allowing you to find all types of useful information from calculations to symbols.


7. G Code Generator CNC OD ID

Reference App for common CNC Programming G-Codes and M-Codes. Useful to machinists, programmers, engineers, and students.


8. CNC Machinist Calculator Pro

The RBR Machine Tools CNC Machinist Calculator Pro app was developed as a tool for chip cutting metalworking machinists to quickly calculate starting speed and feed conditions for many common machining operations. This unique tool is based on formulas developed during RBR Machine Tools 28 years of experience helping customers program CNC machine tools. Unlike other speed and feed calculators, the RBR Machine Tools CncGcoder machining calculator does not require users to drag out heavy machining reference handbooks to use it. The calculator’s built-in material database conveniently allows quick calculations right on the shop floor.


9. Kyocera Cutting Tools

Kyocera Cutting Tools is a Free-App that generates Speed & Feeds calculations for: milling, drilling, and turning application. The app also produces the actual machining time, helping you to optimise your overall tooling/machining productivity.


10. Machinist Calc Pro

Ideal for machining pros and shop owners who want to increase productivity and profits in the design, layout and set-up stages of production and reduce wear and tear on costly cutting tools. Machining math and reference tool to provide a complete assortment of machine shop solutions. It has more complete Thread data than the Machinery’s Handbook, including step-saving Thread and Drill Size chart look-ups, speeds and feeds, right triangle solutions, bolt patterns and much more.


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