Top iPhone Apps for Music Lovers

1. Spotify

The Spotify streaming music service started in Europe, but has been steadily expanding its reach to more regions. Spotify offers a truly enormous library of more than 15 million tracks. And it shoots them to your mobile device at 320 Kbps, a higher rate than some other services — the result is better sound quality. With premium service, there are no ads, and you can access exclusive content like pre-release tracks.


2. SoundHound

Have you ever heard a catchy tune on the radio, sang it all day long, but had no idea what it was called or who sang it? You try to sing it for your friend to see if she knows it, but sadly, you’re greeted with a blank stare. Luckily, with SoundHound on your iPhone, there is no more guessing. This fun app can actually recognize a user humming or singing a tune and will pull up all the relevant matches it finds. And it really works — SoundHound was even able to recognize and identify a hum from my friend, who we’ll just say, has less than perfect pitch.


3. Vevo HD

Vevo has been called the Hulu of the music industry. This free-to-download app has a variety of features. You can create playlists from the more than 25,000 videos in its catalog or listen to playlists set up by other artists and celebrities. You can also watch exclusive music video premieres and live streaming concerts, share videos with friends, and stay up-to-date with your favorite artists’ new music, concerts, and news. With the iPad TV Output cable or A/V adapter, you can even connect your iPad to your TV to watch videos on a bigger screen.


4. Wolfgang’s Music

Wolfgang’s Music is a great app for music lovers who would prefer to listen to live music recordings. It really is a veritable cache of recorded treasures from past decades, including artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Queen and more. The app, and up to 10 hours of streaming, is free for every user, but if you’re a live concertaholic and 10 hours isn’t enough, you can upgrade your membership for $48/year and get benefits such as unlimited access to recordings, upgraded bitrate streaming and discounts on merchandise.


5. Ocarina

Ocarina makes one of the most unique uses of iPhone’s and iPod touch’s touchscreen by turning it into a flute which you can play with your fingers. You can blow into the mic and tap the four virtual holes on the screen, all of which give a cool experience of playing a real flute ( atleast to those who have never touched a flute ). In fact users of the Ocarina community can hear what you are playing in the globe mode. The cost of the app – $0.99.


6. ChordBuddy

A great tool to learn how to play guitar. Scales, licks, classic and rock songs are all available.


7. Discovr Music – find new music

Discovr is an interesting new app to help you find new music. Similar to Pandora, you start with one of your favorite artists, but that’s where the similarities end. The app shows you a handful of artists with a sound similar to the one you started with, represented by nodes connected to your initial starting point. When you tap one of those nodes, more similar artists appear in nodes branching off from that one. As you continue tapping artists, you create a lovely map of interrelated musical artists. You can double-tap a node to find out more — read reviews, preview songs, and find links to YouTube videos and songs available for purchase in iTunes.


8. Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

Have you ever thought you knew the lyrics to a song and realized you were way off base? It happens frequently, but with Musixmatch, you can memorize the lyrics to your favorite songs and ensure that you have it right from the get-go. Musixmatch is both a radio player and lyrics decoder and provides a wide array of music streams to choose from. You can either listen and get lyrics through Musixmatch’s radio options or use your own iTunes library. You can even search for songs if you know just a line or two of the lyrics.


9. Audiogasm: Music Visualizer – Real time animation of audio and music for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Audiogasm is another app that allows you to make listening to music a little more visually appealling. The app creates “hypnotic visuals” that move to the music. Take screen shots by swiping the screen or shake your iPhone/iPad to change the animations on the screen. With options to listen to random songs or create playlists you can listen to your favorite songs and become mesmerized for hours. Maybe even days or weeks. I’ve been watching it the whole time I’m typing this. It’s a problem.


10. ooTunes Radio – Recording and Alarm Clock!

If you want to mix up your radio station listening experience and you crave a huge variety of genres and styles, including talk radio, ooTunes Radio is a great app for limitless listening pleasure. Compiling audio from more than 30,000 streams in 150 countries, ooTunes Radio lets you create the exact playlist you want and gives you the chance to listen to radio shows from around the world. The neat Radio Roolette feature offers a playlist of available music and enables you to listen to a sampling of music from hundreds of stations without having to manually pick them yourself. If you hear a song you like, the app also lets you purchase directly from iTunes for instant download, as well.


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