Top iPhone Apps for Painters

1. Flipboard

The social magazine app company Flipboard, who first became popular with their award-winning iPad app, released their iPhone app this past December and, in just its first week, it was downloaded more than one million times. Head to their section: Photos and Design to see a full list of art-related publishers you can follow. Flipboard even has a personally curated art feed called The Art World that will keep you up-to-date on the latest news, exhibitions or auctions.


2. Foolproof Art Studio Lite

With Foolproof Art Studio Lite, you can expand your artistic knowledge. The free version of the app covers Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Cezanne and da Vinci, providing background information about each artist’s life and times as well as an extensive gallery of his work. A quiz game teaches you to identify paintings. You can also search works by artist or by individual title.


3. My Sketch

An easy-to-use iOS (4.0 or newer) application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can either take a picture using the app or upload a photo from your library. After having chosen the picture you would like to edit, you decide on either landscape or portrait mode and select the part of the picture you want to edit.


4. Paint By Numbers LITE

Number Paint LITE is the FREE version, upgrade to the paid version and get many more pictures and all the features below. Number Paint brings modern technology to paint-by-numbers, a computerised paint-by-numbers program for the iPhone and iTouch. Number Paint is so simple to use even a child can create great works of art!


5. MoMA

This app lets you browse through hundreds of current exhibitions happening in New York, giving you nearby maps to find events within walking distance and showing you which exhibits are the most popular right now. Always be in the know by browsing through a “smart list” that shows you which exhibits are starting soon, opening that day, or have just started. With maps, directions, price and hours, you’ll have all the information you need to plan out your day that’s dedicated to art.


6. ArtStudio

ArtStudio is the most comprehensive, sketching, painting and photo editing tool in the App Store. Completely re-designed from the ground up the new ArtStudio features a beautiful new user interface and a powerful new graphics engine to make creating works of art faster, easier, and more fun! Using advanced drawing algorithms this is the fastest and most precise version of ArtStudio to date.


7. Adobe Ideas

Adobe® Ideas is your digital sketchbook, letting you capture and explore ideas in vector format anywhere you go. With a Creative Cloud membership, easily sync Adobe Ideas projects to Creative Cloud and open them for refinement in Illustrator. Sketch using intuitive touchscreen tools, pick up, compare, and apply colors using the Eyedropper tool, and save and re-use multiple color themes. Enjoy 10 drawing layers plus a photo layer for each sketch. Adjust layer opacity and move, rotate, and scale each layer independently.


8. Inspire – Painting, Drawing, & Sketching

Try Inspire and you will quickly see that it is a painting app like no other! The key feature is the simulation of wet oil paint on canvas, allowing amazing blending effects with three real kinds of brushes. You will be stunned by what you can do with a dry brush!


9. ColorSchemer Touch

Turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into an endless source of ideas and inspiration from the 450,000-member COLOURlovers creative design community. ColorSchemer Touch makes it fun and easy to explore, create, interact, and share your color ideas – whenever inspiration strikes.


10. MyBrushes for iPhone

MyBrushes is a unique painting application designed to create images and playback the whole painting process. It has 100 kinds of realistic brush styles to simulate the effect of Brush painting, Watercolor painting, Oil painting, Chinese painting, Drawing, Chinese Calligraphy etc.


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