Top iPhone Apps for Personal Finance Geeks

1. Visual Budget

Visual Budget is a budgeting app for iPhone or iPad (iOS 5 and above), and the app has been optimized for Retina Display and iPhone 5. Visual Budget comes with a set of income and expense categories. You can change the category names to suit your budget, and subcategories are supported as are recurring transactions and account reconciliation. Transactions can be entered on your iPhone or iPad, or can be imported with iTunes file sharing from spreadsheets as CSV or from a bank download in OFX.


2. BillTracker for iPhone

The idea behind BillTracker for iPhone is to empower you to stay on top of your bills and consolidate your financial accounts under one password. There are automatic reminders to ensure that you don’t forget to pay bills and the app offers an organized digital filing cabinet of bills, statements, notices, and offers. That means you can forget about keeping paper copies for your records and just access them via the app whenever you need them. It also handles reward programs and loyalty cards, on top of your standard bank accounts and credit cards


3. Splitwise

Splitwise is a great app for sharing rent, utilities and other bills with roommates, to keep a reminder if you pick up the tab for a meal when others promise to pay you back for their portion, or to share any kind of group expense.


4. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB, which stands for You Need a Budget, aims to straighten out your personal finances so that every dollar has a job. Well, that’s all true, but not perfectly accurate. What this desktop software for Windows and Mac really does is teach you how to be more financially responsible by walking you through the paces of making a budget, explaining why budgeting is important as you go. Some software doesn’t always tell you what to do and why, but YNAB does. The educational value implicit in the app is well worth the $60, especially for people who are new to personal finance.


5. Expensify

Business travelers really have to get into the habit of keeping receipts and records of their expenditure, so that they can claim it back. Expensify makes the process easy by allowing you to scan receipts, track your mileage, link debit and credit cards to track what you’re spending, and create expense reports. It’s ideal for business people, but you can use it to track any kind of expense. It’s good for analyzing where your money is going


6. HomeBudget with Sync

Our last app on the list is the only one that actually costs anything, but there are a couple of tempting features to justify that $5 price tag. The app can keep track of all of your expenses and income. It also allows for a lot of categorization, so you can create complex budgets, and generate reports and charts to analyze your spending. Features are integrated, so a bill can become an expense when you pay it and detract the relevant amount from your account balance


7. Group Expense – track & split

Split bills at restaurants, with roommates and others, then track balances to ensure that you get paid back. You can track group balances and individual IOUs, split bills evenly or create custom splits and send reminders to those who still owe you money. Group Expense – track & split has weekly and daily summary reports and you can add notes, photos and descriptions to expenses and payments.


8. Men’s Health Workouts

Budgee for iPhone and iPod Touch is designed to be an easy to use, no hassles budgeting app. If you don’t want to mess around with a lot of data entry, this app is worth a try. To set your budget up, just add categories with the corresponding amount you want to spend. Entering transactions only involves the date, what you bought, amount spent and the spending category. If you need to track multiple budgets, you can set them up in Budgee and track them all at the same time. Budget periods are flexible, and can be by time like week or month, or by a particular project, or any other parameter you choose.


9. Split group bills

Split group bills for iOS is easy to use to split bills and then keep track of who has paid up, especially among friends. You can also let friends know what their share of the bill is via email. The app splits bills evenly, or can make adjustments if some of those who are sharing the expense need to pitch in more than others. The app present a summary along with a record of all shared expenses.


10. Settle Up – Group Expense Manager

Settle Up! bill splitting and IOU track app for iOS costs a little more than others mentioned in this series, but some of the screens show more at-a-glance information that makes it worth two dollars. This app is great for splitting the cost of family parties, rent and other bills with roommates or for when a group of coworkers pitch in for a gift.


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