Top iPhone Apps for Pet Owners

1. Dog Whistle Free

Who would have thought the iPhone would turn out to be a capable dog trainer? But with Dog Whistle, that’s exactly the role the handheld assumes. This straightforward app provides a digital dog whistle and the user selects the appropriate frequency from a number of options. The user then simply presses the “Play” button and the training can commence.

2. Dog Translator

Dog Translator is a fun way to translate what your dog is saying to English. This app works like Shazam where you hold your device near your dog as it barks and after the recording completes, you’ll see the translation.

3. Weather Puppy

It’s useful to check the weather before you take your dog out for a walk, but Weather Puppy takes it to a new (and very cute) level. The app shows more than 100 dogs depending on the time and weather, and you can even add a pic of your own dog. Weather Puppy partners with non-profits and shelters across the U.S.

4. Tractive Dog Walk

With Tractive Dog Walk you and your dog can get fit at the same time. You can log your walks, track your calories and map your favorite routes using GPS. The app also has sharing and geotagging features for photos and data.

5. iCam

If you want to see what your dog is up to in real-time, iCam is the app to get. You can watch your canine friend remotely, just to make sure everything’s all right. This is especially useful if you’re leaving your dog home for the first time, you recently moved or you’re traveling.


6. Dog Clicker Training

Dog Clicker Training helps you train your pet and includes a section full of training tips. When your pet does something good, you click and give your pet a treat. Your pet will begin to learn that good behavior will lead to a click sound and a treat.


7. Cat Simulator HD

The most beautiful and realistic Cat Simulator available on App Store! Play as a real cute cat inside a cool apartment and get ready for some real adventures. Knock off stuff, destroy whatever you like and cause the massive damage. Run around, knock things over and make a mess with this cute little kitten. Every item you know over scores you points.


8. Pet First Aid

Raising pets is fun, but it’s also a big responsibility, which means there can be some scares. If anything should happen to your dog, Pet First Aid helps you take the right steps to make sure he’ll be OK. Detailed videos and illustrations include restraint, muzzling, CPR, bandaging and more.


9. iKibble

Those who want to give their pet food that provides the utmost in nutrition would do well to install this app on their iPhone. iKibble is a comprehensive database of pet food that allows user to search by different categories, including pet type. This app even provides detailed nutritional and product info for those pets that have special dietary requirements. It can even provide a list of tasty treats for those pets that have been particularly “good boys.”


10. 11pets: Pet Care

The Pet Phone app lets you track your dog’s health with ease. You can keep track of vet appointments, medications, allergies and food preferences for each of your pets, and the app can be synced with your calendar to get reminders.


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