Top iPhone Apps for Photo & Video Enthusiasts

1. tadaa – HD Pro Camera

All effects FREE, super fast and HD
• No forced sign-up
• Save locally without having to post
tadaa is the ultimate photo App for iPhone.


2. PhotoWonder

PhotoWonder is a free app for Android smart phones that allows you to edit the photos already on your device. It also includes a camera feature that lets you snap photos that include great artistic effects that make it even more fun


3. Camera+ 2

Camera+ 2 (Camera Studio) is a free app for Android devices. It allows you to add plenty of great professional camera features to your photos, such as filters, frames, fashion appearances and many additional effects that generally can only be created in professional photography darkrooms. It is an extremely easy app to use and enables you to take high quality photos whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional photographer.


4. Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic is the analog photo app that started it all. It’s been purchased from the app store literally millions of times, and was even used by Damon Winters for a NYTimes photo spread on the War in Afghanistan. The Hipstamatic app lets you ‘attach’ accessories to your camera case, including lenses, flashes and different types of film. The $1.99 purchase price includes plenty of accessories, but there are more available for purchase. If you really miss holding photos in your hand, you can order physical copies of any of your Hipstamatic creations.


5. Camera Genius

Take Videos (iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPod Touch ONLY)
What camera would be complete without a video mode? Capture videos and even zoom in and out on your subjects while recording, just like a real video camera!


6. PicsArt Photo & Video Editor

PicsArt Photo & Video Editor is fully functional in Web Resolution. You can do everything PicsArt  has to offer: Take photos, Edit them, Export them, Share them, etc.! New customers can unleash PicsArt full potential with the in-app purchase


7. Diptic

Diptic lets you arrange multiple photos from your camera roll to make a collage, or tell a visual story through photos. Unlike a lot of the most popular photo and video apps, Diptic is available for both Android and iOS devices. It’s a very intuitive app that leads you through the step-by-step process of making a collage, and then allows you to export the collage and share it with family and friends. The app works in conjunction with Flickr and Facebook, giving you a wide variety of photos to choose from. At just $1.99, this app is worth a try for a different approach to capturing memories and telling stories.


8. NPS Parks App

See the US National Parks on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
An extraordinary collection of 3,000 stunning photos by renowned professional photographer QT Luong. (This app requires an Internet connection). Discover first the diversity of the National Parks through a selected set of 1,500 photos at the top, then dive in specific parks to find even more photos. Let your fingers do the hiking and explore every single one of the 58 National Parks in the USA, from Acadia to Zion, including Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Glacier National Park – a journey that would require several years.


9. PhotoToaster – Photo Editor, Filters and Effects for Instagram, Facebook and more

PhotoToaster™ is a stunning top rated photo editor for the iPhone and iPad. It is an amazing tool for the photography beginner or professional. The Toaster takes your iPhoneography as seriously as you do. It employs only the highest quality photo adjustments and does so with blinding speed. The non-destructive editing environment encourages experimentation and you can save your settings to use on other photos. The Toaster adjusts to your editing mood. Whether it’s a 1-click total makeover or a meticulous tweaking of every adjustment, the Toaster is always the right tool for the job.


10. Photography 101 (Free Tutorials)

Want to learn how to take terrific photos? This app is a great introduction to photography basics. You will learn the abc’s of depth of field, framing, lighting and composition with a few fun surprises in the mix. If you are a budding photographer, or if you want to improve your skill with the camera, this free app is for you. There are over 12+ excellent video tutorials within the app. You’ll also get balanced reviews of the iPhone 4 Camera, Canon Rebel T3i and T3 cameras.


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