Top iPhone Apps for Productivity

1. Blue Mail – Email Mailbox

Blue Mail – Email Mailbox is a tool that allows users to manage their email instead of letting their email manage them. Blue Mail – Email Mailbox has rethought how to process email on a smart phone making it easy to reach the fabled Inbox 0. It does it by introducing a scheduling option to email. Rather than reading through emails and then letting them accumulate in your inbox, you can utilize several intuitive swipes to either archive, delete, file, or schedule them to reappear at a later time. Mailbox is new and only supports Gmail for now- I’m looking forward to them rolling out support for other clients and for IMAP.


2. Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now

Reasonably accurate and fast, the Dragon Dictation iPhone app lets you jot down a note without doing any typing – or draft an email, tweet, or other light typing tasks. As a simple dictation app, Dragon transcribes whatever you speak with good accuracy. The app does have some shortcut buttons to push the transcribed text through to Facebook, a new email message, and a few other places, but Dragon Dictate doesn’t actually store any notes in the app itself.


3. Sleep Cycle Alarm

Sleep Cycle Alarmutilizes the accelerometer in the iPhone to analyze a users sleep cycles and then wakes them when they enter the lightest sleep phase- the phase that our bodies would naturally wake if we didn’t have an alarm. It’s when we’re woken from the deeper phases of our sleep cycle that we feel groggy and as if we didn’t get a good nights sleep. While Sleep Cycle will not help you to develop better sleep habits, it should help you to wake up feeling more rested and ready to tackle the day.


4. Any.DO To-Do list

Any.Do has a sleek interface that marries simplicity and functionality. Tasks are easily created by swiping down on the screen and it’s easy to prioritize, add notes and alerts to them.


5. Springpad

Similar to Evernote in its goal, SpringPad is a free app that aims to help iPhone users become better organized and more productive. Users of the app are able to save ideas, notes, project tasks, photos, products, checklists and movies. Then SpringPad provides suggestions relevant to the items being organized.


6. Box

Box is similar to Dropbox in that it provides you with what it calls 5GB+Sync. It allows you to sync up to 5GB of data, making it easier to access and edit files, share content with coworkers, and stay connected while on the go. Updates to documents and spreadsheets are visible immediately through secure content sharing.


7. Awesome Note 2

As the name implies, Awesome Note 2 is an iPhone app for creating notes and to-do lists. Of all the personal organisation apps on Apple’s mobile devices, Awesome Note is one of the most visually compelling, letting users choose which colours, background images, fonts, and icons they want to use in their notes. It’s a treat to play with all these options, along with the app’s graphical calendar, while also being productive.


8. Week Calendar

Apple’s iPhone comes with a pre-installed calendar app which is pretty good, but it doesn’t offer nearly enough customisation to tickle the fancy of highly organised and methodical people. Week Calendar does. It’s highly graphical, with multiple viewing options, and plenty of ability to add colour-coding to your schedule.


9. AirPort Utility

The free AirPort Utility manager from app lets you control your Wi-Fi network and AirPort base stations, including AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and Time Capsule, right from your iPhone. When you launch the app, you’ll see a picture representation of your network and devices. It’ll tell you what’s connected to what and how. You can change the network and Wi-Fi settings, start or restore a base station, access networking information (like DNS server, router address, IP address), and more.


10. Business Card Reader

Import contact information from business cards directly to your iPhone/iPod Touch, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile contacts! Just take a photo of a business card and a New Contact is added!

Business Card Reader scans, “reads” the picture using advanced text recognition technology and enters the data into appropriate fields of the iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile address book.


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