Top iPhone Apps for Project Managers

1. Cisco WebEx Meetings

FaceTime? Skype? Well yes, these are good apps, but frankly, these aren’t just made for purposes like what Cisco’s latest app offers. With a Dropbox account, the app automatically syncs up with the former and allows you to edit documents while those on the call also do the same. And really, considering how limited the specs and screen space the typical iPhone has, this app is just impressive!


2. ClickUp – Manage Teams & Tasks

ClickUp – Manage Teams & Tasks gives you the ability to create tasks, create lists of tasks (sort of like projects), assign due dates (but no due times), share tasks with people and of course comment on each task. Using ClickUp is a treat and is pretty neat to see real time updating of tasks as you are working with others.


3. Action Method

Action Method Mobile is a free and powerful task management application, designed for maximum productivity. The app also syncs seamlessly with the award-winning online web application, Action Method Online. Action Method functions both as a PERSONAL and a COLLABORATIVE task management application that allows users to organize tasks by project, due date, color, keyword, who delegated it, or the new “Focus List” feature.


4. Asana Mobile

Asana is the shared task list for your team – a new and better system for group collaboration and communication. The Asana iPhone app takes the power of the web-based version and puts it right in your pocket.


5. Pocket Informant Pro

Eliminate the “app shuffle” with a fully integrated Calendar, Task, Contacts and Notes Manager available as a Universal app for both iPad and iPhone. Built with over 10 years of mobile calendaring prowess we’ve focused on the best user experience. Customer focused – for you!


6. Merlin – Project Management

Mac users are familiar with the ease and comfort of using Merlin. Of course, the noted project management software has now made its way to iOS, and it’s just as handy as its computer counterpart, if not more so! Giving you both online and offline access to all of your tasks saved on your Merlin account, you can even view the progress of the project via customized chart.


7. Air Transfer

This project management application for the iPhone allows you to wirelessly transfer files from your PC or Mac. With Air Transfer, project managers can take their important presentations or status reports on the road – or golf course. The application is simple to use, just open Air Transfer on your iPhone and your computer and the two will connect and copy files automatically.


8. Freedcamp

Freedcamp helps you visually prioritize your tasks, events, and appointments into a single view. A nice feature of this app is its ability to show you instantly where you have time slots open for any given day by using its trademarked Floating Dynamic Day mode. It integrates with Google calender and maps if you need those, offers pop-up alert reminders and you can shoot off emails to your project team while you’re on the go–a great tool if you manage many projects.


9. Project Planner

Project Planner is a project and task planning application that makes it easy to keep track of multiple projects and tasks. Project Planner allows you manage multiple projects. In every project you can add many tasks grouped in phases and finished by milestone. You can view your project on Gantt chart in portrait and landscape view in days, weeks or months scale.


10. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is one of those apps where it’s steadily gaining ground because of good word-of-mouth and support. With that said, the LiquidPlanner app for the iPhone makes for a good partner for anyone using the main software on their desktops. With the option to have you log in and track your time and tasks with the iPhone, as well as for making sure that you’re not missing anything even when you’re on the move, this is really the app made for modern times!


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